Fleurtje Ruijs

A stool or a chair outside against an ongoing wall...
Protects the private but creats a stage.
One stool evolves into a place where people meet each other: A gathering place... A communal space...

A porous urban landscape with many layers. A strong sense of belonging... feeling safe to let the children play on the streets. Feeling safe walking back home at night. Meeting your friends on the corner and playing a game of cards. Sharing a bottle of wine on the street.
The streets come alive.

But not everywhere is a stage nearby. High and strong walls emerge against the streets, the playground, the common. Stacks of buildings against each other...Anonymous... People living all above, under or next to each other, but no one knows one another. From an urban field of cars to the place where you live, where you are.
Where do you live? In the Academy City? Nearby? Far away? Are you a passer by? Why don’t you join?

A lot of vacant spacees,  mostly filled with cars. Not for the human but of metal. No activity, no  children at play, no place to gather.

Place an adaptable, growing frame and residents  come together. They  claim and redesign it. Assemble the people! But also the activities. Stimulating each other to get to know each other.

After a while you begin to see.
You see those who live nearby.
You see children play outside.
You see people play chess.
You  live in a neighbourhood.
You  live.