RYB: Colours of Rituals
Casper Lie

What connects us in the most primitive way? To be human... what does that mean?
Our cities’ cores are shaped around food. Rivers, fields, farms, etc. The sources of our food have defined our cities, our way of living, the link between ourselves but more importantly they grounded us. Yet, what we have in common in urban life seems to get more and more disconnected from its place. How do our ingredients arrive at our local supermarkets and what do we do with them afterwards? On the one hand we tend to forget what we are eating and on the other hand we tend to forget we are eating.

If we get back to the basics of cooking, we find fire (Red) and water (Blue). Looking at Tbilisi’s local food practices there are a lot of wheat-based (Yellow) products available. These three elements form the foundation of this project. The Academy City of Tbilisi is an area that is in constant motion. Through this project, the moment of preparing and cooking becomes a means and anchors that which we dwelled from.

RYB appropriates ubiquitous precast concrete drainage components. These robust concrete artefacts are part of the city’s infrastructure. The elements are scattered around the city and can be used in multiple ways. The ubiquitous and repetitive becomes the singular and shared through the rituals and cycles of life.