Mobilising Architectures of Everyday Sociality
Jelmer Theunissen

The project takes the notion of the epigenetic landscape as a cue, inverting it to inform its tactics: it proposes to manoeuvre the capitalist, commercial and commodified city with an ensemble of collectively sourced and assembled, mobile and modular structures. Performing a kind of spatial acupuncture, they move through the city, performing a collective choreography or ritual, forming a networked series of interventions, interrogating different sites, responding to and creating different site conditions.

An architecture of discontinuity, the project proposes a physical infrastructure that could facilitate the disturbance of the hegemonic equilibrium of normative spaces, inverting structures of power embodied by these, and producing and investigating charged situations and spaces and open them up for questioning, speculation on new urban ecologies, and a reimagination of futurity. By collective effort, temporary heterotopias are fostered by de-scripting and de-signing, creating contrast, juxtaposition, amplification, subversion, and play.
Playing with them, creating multiple situations.